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Is Somebody Stealing Your Motorcycle! By Keith Nivon

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"You can never be too paranoid". That sums it up when talking about someone wanting to relieve you of your hard earned Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Bike thieves have nothing but time and imagination when it comes to stealing bikes. It is up to you to know how bikes are stolen and what you can do to prevent it.

Most bike thefts occur after hours under the cover of darkness. The vast majority of bikes are simply rolled away out of sight into a waiting truck. A locked up front forks and a lock on the front wheel can help to prevent this type of theft.

In the past, some thieves have used devices like skateboards under the front wheel in order to move the bike where they want. In reality, four strong men can pick up a bike up off the ground and toss it into the back of a pickup in mere seconds.

High quality chain or cable can be used to anchor your bike to a power pole or even to other bikes. This method can be effective to the thief who wants a clean and quick getaway. It takes a bit more time to use a bolt cutter or chain cutter can to slice through these devices.

An audible alarm can signal you and others nearby when your bike becomes disturbed. This type of device can be very effective. Some of these alarms will even call your pager or telephone when your bike has moved. These devices are generally more effective to prevent night thefts.

The bottom line is if somebody wants to steal your Harley Davidson motorcycle, somehow or someway it will likely happen no matter what prevention measures you take. No one special has designed these theft prevention devices. Professional thieves always have a way of getting around them.

The idea behind all these security gadgets is only to deter the would be criminals and send them to down the street looking for easier prey.

All or a few of these security devices I talked about used in combination can be very effective in preventing motorcycle theft!

I guess if all else fails, you can always bring your bike with you in your bedroom at night.

Keith Nivon is an avid Harley Davidson Motorcycle Enthusiast! His website contains information on all things Harley Davidson. is a great resource for anyone who shares a passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Have a look at for more information.

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