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Two Stroke Vs Four Stroke Engines in Scooters By Michael Milstead

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More and more scooters are coming equipped with four stroke engines due to their dependalablity and ease of care. While most scooters were two stroke up until 2004 most manufacturers are producing four stroke models due to the disadvantages of a two stroke engine. Without getting too deep in into how two stroke engines work we will just look at the disadvantages of two stroke motors in that they do not use fuel efficiently, so you would get fewer miles per gallon, produce a lot of pollution -- so much, in fact, that it is likely that you won't see them around too much longer. Two-stroke engines don't last nearly as long as four-stroke engines. The lack of a dedicated lubrication system means that the parts of a two-stroke engine wear a lot faster.

So you see the newer four stroke models that are coming out of which there are plenty of models to choose from offering both 49.5cc and 150cc. A four stroke model is a more reliable scooter to operate getting better gas mileage and ease of care. Other huge advantage four stroke scooters have over two stroke models is storage, a two stroke model stored over long periods of time like the colder winter months will form a varnish type film over the carburetor jets clogging them with oil and making start virtually impossible with cleaning carburetor which means removing from the scooter. Keeping the oil changed in a four stroke motor is easy and can be done in about fifteen minutes, not much time compared to keeping the two stroke oil plentiful plus a clean spark plug and a finely tunes carb on a two stroke model. Consider the advantages of a four stroke over the two stroke before buying.

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