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Resume Writing Services - Don't Go There By Carla Vaughan

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Resume Writing Services

Someone on a forum recently asked if she should hire someone to write her resume and cover letter for her. In truth, it seems like an easy solution, but there are pitfalls to doing so.

Actually, a better way to word that would be: There are some wonderful benefits to writing your own resume and cover letter.

It is always best to write your own resume and cover letter. Why? Because you know yourself better than anyone else. No one else will be able to state as clearly and accurately what you truly have to offer an employer. There are also two HUGE benefits to doing it yourself.

First, you will save money. That is certainly a plus. Why spend money on something you can do yourself?

Second, you will be better prepared when it comes time to interview. By taking the time to write your resume and cover letter yourself, you will be able to quickly and easily remember all the pertinent information that an interviewer will ask.

As for what to say, emphasize those skills and accomplishments that best match the position you are seeking. Target the information as much as possible to the employer and the vacant position. Do your research to find out whatever you can about the company and the work you would be doing and use the same kind of language that is used in that field. No one else can speak for you as clearly and succinctly as you can.

Don't waste your money on resume-writers. Save yourself some money and prepare yourself for the interview at the same time. You'll be glad you did.

Best of luck!

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Carla Vaughan is the owner of, a web site devoted to assisting candidates in the job-search process. She holds a B.S. in Business from Southern Illinois University and has authored a book titled, “The Do-It-Yourself Resume Kit” soon to be available on her site.


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