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How To Seal The Deal By Phone

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We've all read dozens of articles on how to write spicier copy,
snappier ads and grabbier banners.

But it's often the personal touch that seals a big deal - that
clincher phone call. Especially these days, when so many of our
clients live in other states or countries and fewer deals are
actually closed in person.

So the way you address a client through your spoken expression over
the phone can be vital to finalizing a sale.

Want to learn how to humanize your human touch? Let's push the
keyboard away, do a few vocal warm-up exercises and begin.

1. Posture. If your posture screams out boredom or fatigue, so will
your voice. In my office, I sit with my back to a salesman and I can
listen to his sales calls without seeing him. I can always tell from
his voice when he's slouching or recovering from a rough night!

2. Facial expression. Even on the phone people can 'hear' the look on
your face, so make it a pleasant one.

3. Tone of voice. Match the client's tone - the energy level, the
pace, fast or slow, etc. If you jump on them like an eager puppy with
your big sales pitch, you'll scare them off. Plus, most people tend
to like those who resemble them in manner.

4. Don't...

...ask if it's a good time to talk. You hand them an escape route on
a silver platter.

...chew on a pen, your fingernails, gum or anything else while on the
phone. or slurp coffee.


...make important calls when you're tired or not feeling well.

...EVER put a sales call on hold while you take another call.

...repeat stalling words like 'basically', 'actually' and 'uh'. It
screams out that you're not sure where you're going.

...waste their time. Have all your facts close at hand and review
them before the call so they are at the top of your mind and the tip
of your tongue.

5. Ask for the sale. In the same way we constantly remind web surfers
to 'click here', we need to invite the prospect to take action.

6. Finally, prepare yourself mentally for rejection. You don't want
your disappointment to come through in your voice because that same
client might resurface another day. And you want him/her to remember
your pleasant disposition, right?

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