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Coast to Coast Am Radio Talk Show Has Class By Lance Winslow

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Are you looking for a less that politically correct talk radio. One in which no subject is off limits? One, which dives into phenomena, challenges the scientists, academic theories and is not afraid to debunk or confirm conspiracy theories? How about a radio show, which discusses weather control, Bird Flu, oil price manipulation, secret military projects, mythology, Earth cycles and even ghosts?

Well, radio listening fans there is such a show on the radio and it is Coast-to-Coast Am with radio legends George Noory and on the weekend Art Bell. Two gentleman un-afraid of the dark willing to go our on a limb and talk about the coming super storms, volcanic SuperPlumes, UFOs, human mind control and ancient civilizations, cultures and customs.

Indeed this radio show is called Coast to Coast by it is really a Seven Seas and five continent endeavor with listeners literally around the globe and it is not uncommon for callers to call in from Singapore, Japan, Australia or Guam. Coast to Coast has 13 million listeners with open minds willing to discuss Gods, Religion, Aliens, Agnostic Beliefs and even friendly witches.

It is a show that makes you think. Some of the shows are quite scary indeed as callers often call in with stories of seeing the light and near death experiences or getting messages from beyond the grave. In fact the Coast to Coast Halloween Special does just that and more as they listen to ghost chasers and real ghost stories tell their tales.

The show often hosts prominent scientists, meteorologists, archeologists, climatologists and more. They have storm chasers, ghost busters, ancient history explorers and future predictors. The have Shamans, psychics, dream interpreters, occult experts and collective consciousness researchers. Not a week goes by with the interview of a famous author in any one of several hundred interesting, fascinating and sometimes horrific subject matters.

All the cool people listen to Coast to Coast Am, ask your friends about, they will tell you. It is even on XM radio on the “Ask” station and with affiliates around the globe, you can find them on your radio dial. But beware, there are subjects that can be quite frightful along with the scientific discovery discussions about every possible subject known to mankind. On Coast to Coast they hear you loud and clear. Think on this and thanks for listening.

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